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September 17, 2011
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I see her
And I see you,
And while I see you both
I don't know what to do-

Because I love you,

And it makes me mad
To think of
Such tender thoughts
That you've had-

And they aren't for me.
No, they're to do with her,
And though I know it shouldn't,
It makes my cheeks burn-

In jealousy.

I'm selfish,
So I'm sorry.
I'd like you to myself,
but don't worry,

I'll simply suffer in silence.
Told from a (of course) jealous girl's point of view, constantly seeing the boy whom she's loved (whether blatantly or secretly) for ages dating someone else.
She still loves him too much to interfere with his happiness though, so she watches, as he unknowingly breaks her heart, from a distance.
It's a situation I'm sure most girls have experienced or will experience in the course of their life, sad as it is.

I think I should try writing a poem from a guys point of view for once.
:I What do you guys think?
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love it. I can relate.
Kaiarichan Sep 28, 2011  Professional General Artist
thanks :) and I'm sure many people can.. jealousy is one emotion that hits all of us at some point.
ouch >> that .. that's not a fun experience to go through x.x wonderfully written poem though, as always ^_^
Kaiarichan Sep 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
X] thanks!
yw ^_^
k1mgy Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"I think I should try writing a poem from a guys point of view for once.
:I What do you guys think?:"

Perhaps it's the same experience, but with variations on the theme. Some of the variations may come from what the culture teaches us, or the pressures of family and friends.

I can say I've been there, and it's one of the most painful experiences. I do recall managing to transform it from anger with myself (and down-putting) to care for the woman that I loved and lost. A difficult transition but possible.

Just some thoughts..
myworldinwords Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Really pretty and touching. Extremely thoughtful!
Kaiarichan Sep 18, 2011  Professional General Artist
wow thanks :3 :hug:
Fxy Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Totally do a guy's POV. I'll do a guy who thinks he's a girl's POV.
Kaiarichan Sep 18, 2011  Professional General Artist
Sounds good =P
You ought to put up more poetry anyway XD it's been a while since I've seen anything new from you!
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